mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Woot! Golden Hisui!!

Lovely rasetsunyo sends me a coloured version of Hisui the gold dragon. Smaller version is here (still pretty large for dial-up users); larger is here and the full 2.4 m glory is here.

The calligraphy at the left says Hisui of the Eastern Ocean (and I'm pleased to know how you write Hisui's name: unlike most of my OCs, I actually composed his name from specific kanji but then couldn't remember which ones they were. These ones mean 'perfect jade') The bamboo at right she explains thusly:
Bamboo = qualities of the perfect gentleman, i.e. bends with the wind and does not break, strong yet flexible etc.etc. Even its hollowness is supposed to symbolise a virtue but I can't remember what it is. Anyway. Hisui = perfect courtier, hence the bamboo.
Perfect courtier, perfect picture. I am so happy. Thank you again, rasetsynyo.
Tags: art, dragons

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