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Ahh, the happiness that is reading Ima Ichiko and the happiness of having an Ima Ichiko to read. This was highlighted by starting another manga recently, same supernatural/ uncanny genre, same 'odd family with odd stuff not yet revealed' trope, and run of the mill inferior artwork- and not getting very far with it because, well, I have no confidence that the mangaka knows what she's doing. The missing information, source of most WTFery when reading Japanese, may not be a clever narrative device; it may simply be that she can't tell a story. (Me being me, it's equally possible that the information is given visually and I'm just not picking it up, but in this case I doubt it.)

Characters appear out of nowhere and disappear again; our two brothers, two years apart (info thanks to the cover blurb because it isn't in the story so far) go to different schools for no discernible reason, unless I'm to assume the younger brother is still in junior high. And if he is why is his school uniform a jacket and tie that makes him look like a salaryman? there being no telling from his face whether he's supposed to be a student or a young office worker, and given that he calls his brother X-chan, one rather assumes the latter. Anyway, this sort of thing irritates me and makes me not want to read further.

Whereas Ima's latest starts with yet another midnight-black story that will require several reads to disentangle (the downside of 100 Demons is that it makes me doubt whether I can read Japanese.) Nonetheless I'm sure there's a there there that will may appear to me in time: Ima repays study.

Shall try not to spoiler for those who read in translation, but I'll mention that I may have to rethink my notion that Aoarashi has a low opinion of Kai's abilities. This apropos of a throwaway remark of his when the family's tut-tutting about a grown man still doing temporary work: 'He ought to stick to what he's good at.' But then, what I took to be Aoarashi's 'mhh' opinion of Kai's abilities might just have been a low opinion of Kai himself: oh but he fancies himself, wouldn't listen to his father, look where it got him and serve him right. Or equally, Aoarashi might have a low opinion of Kai's abilities and still think he should stick to what he's best at (or where his abilities, such as they are, reside.) One reason Ima's manga feels so realistic is that her characters are inconsistent in the way real people are. Tell themselves one thing, do another. I'm still trying to figure out if Ritsu is the put-upon victim of passing bogles or if, as a youkai says once, he's already half-youkai himself; and whether, as he believes, he really has no sensitivity to human hauntings and only senses youkai: in which case, what about that ghost in the mud spirit story?
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