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So, fannishly, as I view through my compilation tapes (yes I come from an older slower generation: I don't think I *want* to watch anime on my computer screen) I find myself becoming unreasonably fascinated with Gankutsu-oh, Cave King, ie The Count of Monte Cristo on both acid and mescaline. Yes the shifting garish computer graphics make one's eyes bleed, the more so as the characters' clothes are generally much more alive and certainly move much more than the characters themselves; but you get over that little quirk eventually, as anyone who survived 60's poster graphics learned to do, and then you realize there's a story there, and more surrealism than I've seen since Utena, and Folken's VA as the blue skinned pointy eared Count with his visual and other references to Mephistopheles. (And is he going to steal the soul of our brash young hero, the boy who ought to have been his son, or is brash young hero going to save the Count's soul, or neither? Tune in next week.) Weird and batty and burning style as it goes, the way I like 'em. And a nifty opening theme, angsty modern grafted onto 18th century minuet. Cool.

I also agree with everybody else about Meine Liebe: it exists only to be pretty and to resonate and so what? It's pretty and it resonates. How long it can go on doing so is a good question; but let us never forget, in Japan style *is* substance, so if it does nothing else but embody The Beautiful Male, what of it?

Equally I continue to plow through Fool's Errand, growing ever crosser as I do. It needs some of Meine Liebe's honesty. Madam, you are breaking no new ground in your constant hints of Deep Attachment between Fitz and the Fool, even if you think you are. That one's old; it's old enough to vote even; old enough in Japan to be married with school-aged kids. Also, if you want to work that territory you'll gain no marks by having one of the densest narrators I've ever had to deal with. Thank god I skipped the three (or is it six?) previous books with him in it.

Though such is Hobb's dogged approach that I begin to think maybe it couldn't be done any other way. Keep it all repressed or simply not noticed by our purblind hero and all's presumably well on the middle American front. But surely she's falling between two stools here? These chronic and obvious hints- I'd expect the pro-m/m people to be howling that there's not enough and the anti-m/m to be howling that it's there at all.
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