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Ima Ichiko character?

There are times that I think the new leader of our Liberal party (and if god loves us, the next Prime Minister) looks like yer average Ima Ichiko fair-haired glasses-wearing character. Such men are usually dangerous. Interesting if so.

Have been slogging away at a story that never seemed *quite* right. Suddenly realized that it needed to be first-person, not limited third. What's this first-person roll I seem to be on lately? I blame Ritsu who absolutely must must must be written first-person, for reasons I find obscure.

This latest story needs to be first because it's about a couple of serious characters without an ironic bone in their bodies. Third person- even limited third- is what I use for inserting ironic details to suggest that the chara's pov isn't precisely mine. But I mustn't be ironic about these guys. They're absolutely serious, meaning they must tell their own story in their own terms (even if only one of them is doing the telling.) The oddity is that I use first with Ritsu precisely *because* it allows me to be ironic with him. I don't think Ritsu himself is particularly ironic about his own situation but Ima is ironic about Ritsu, and Ima writes him in first. Therefore I must write him in first. It's an odd feeling, but it lets me do something new so I shall cherish it.

That said, the latest 100 Ghosts fic is hung up because it needs more plot than I can currently give it. I know where it starts and approximately where it ends but I'm not sure how it gets there. Further, this time I want an Imaish double plot, two things happening that segue into each other. Ima's plots sometimes braid but sometimes they do what Itami's camera did in Tanpopo, take a character who casually passes by the main character and follow him into his own world before coming back to the main story: like Ritsu's senpai who has the side job painting the face on a picture, which gets us into the story of the old woman and the dog spirit, which winds up at youkai drink-fest where Ritsu just happens to be himself.

So I need to decide if this story about the coats in the faculty closet is about Ritsu's classmate and Akama, or about Akira and Akama, or about Ritsu's classmate and Akira and *no* Akama, just some kind of ghost. Once I know it'll at least be easier to write than the current story for sure.
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