mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Christmas Past

So I got some lovely art stuff at Christmas, both pictures and cards, and now the scanner is working again I have pictures of them. Non sine labore, natch: I'm not a master scanner by any means and several tries/ much editing in Photoshop were necessary for many of these.

All kept in this here gallery, if you want the small view.

So for a start there's that disreputable-looking red dragon that incandescens gave me, an original art work from the artist who does Yaoicon's anthology covers. I'm trusting her name is Angel; my own anthology with her artwork on the cover is... here somewhere, and not consultable. The delicacy of the hair and the patterning on the cloak were hard to capture in a scan, but I think this gives you a good idea what it's like. The chara himself is up to no good: not yer average chinese dragon though possibly yer average Ima Ichiko youkai dragon. 'If I hadn't been told not to I'd have eaten you from the head down.'

As deepfryerfire said in her note inside the card, Sekino Jun'ichiro isn't an automatic name when one thinks of commericially used Japanese arists. Googling tells me that I *have* seen various examples of his work here and there, but the print that's used for this was unfamiliar enough in style that I didn't at once go Ah-hah!

Semi-automatic now, and about time, is my man Hasui. He was on some of the cards I sent out this year, and paleaswater found a deluxe version of one of his trademark red temples in snow. It's also that lovely dark red paleaswater used on her wedding invitations, that my scanner can't do justice to.

kickinpants' card has a funny trompe l'oeil effect. I thought it was a photograph at first. It's a painting- oil or water or coloured ink I can't say, though my ignoramus' money is on oil. I'm still not wholly convinced: the water just looks- well- so photographic still.

And for the original of my icon, check out my lovely birthday art. I am surrounded by teh awesome.
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