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Oh come ye Chinese readers and tell me, she that knows...

Is there any chance the Chinese translation of 100 Demons 13 and 14 actually makes sense of what happened with Aoarashi and the pieces of the mirror and most of all that wooden Buddha statue? Much of the relevant info in the Japanese version is contained, oh woe, in offhand penji comments by various characters, but there still seems a contradiction here.

Two pieces were put together on the spot. One missing piece flew into the box garden and became that stone in the pond, because Kinu would stash the garden in Grampa's room when it got in the way. Yes but- in v.14 Ritsu says the third piece turned into a youkai that ran around the house. Somehow this gets confused with the youkai that Kai let go of when he first came back to his old house- that he implies in a penji comment was taken from him by his father's psychic force, is why he won't come to the house when the mirror breaks and Ritsu asks him to. 'I might lose another shikigami.'

But in v.14, the first story, Aoarashi tells Ritsu that this youkai of Kai's has taken on a human form. Is he the Tall Dark Stranger with Menacing Floppy Hat from 13 who asks Saburo to carve the jizo from the branch that has the fourth piece? Why does the demon ask for a statue in the first place? Is it acting on Kai's orders or off its own bat? Certainly in v14 when it impersonates the abbot it seems to be hell bent on getting hold of 'the shikigami' which sounds like Kai, but why wouldn't Kai just tell the demon to bring the branch to him? Earlier in the first story in v 14 Ritsu thinks Kai probably knows where the final fragment is and asks to search his apartment, but at the same time Ritsu seems to know already that the fragment is in the jizo. 'Is it in a safe place?' Kai asks him and Ritsu, thinking of the jizo, says 'Probably.'

Does any of this make any sense to anyone here?
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