mjj (flemmings) wrote,

As New Year's approaches

So if my birthday book is correct, yesterday was joasakura's birthday and today is stanking's, and I hope both your years are better than the last ones.

The new Phantom Moon Tower ep took only two readings before I had most of what happened straight. It's the hairdoes that screw it up. These A/U Taishou/ Shouwa hairstyles make all the women look alike, grumpy grump. Worse- there are two or possibly three business-running females in this one and when someone says okami-san (different kanji from god FTR) I never know which okami-san they're talking about. Was young dork's mother the former boss of the Phantom Moon Tower or does it just look like that's what the evil money lender's saying?

Oh, and of course and once again- the pale-haired glasses-wearing naive-seeming guy in Ima Ichiko's oeuvre? Do not trust him an inch, ever. Whatever horrible things he goes through he probably deserves to. I've only read vol 1 of a Step Away from Paradise so I don't know what happens to the pale-haired etc etc in that. If you tell me he winds up raping the rambunctious dark gay guy who's all over him, I won't be a bit surprised.

Also, Ima cannot draw hats on human heads for beans. Her hats are two dimensional, the heads look three dimensional, there's s distinct sense of disjunction. And of course she loves putting people in limp cloth hats with limp cloth brims suitable to a day's shrimping at the beach, only black. I don't know why. No one wears these things after primary school, do they, except maybe some Australians?
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