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Old Acquaintance

Many happy returns of yesterday, shiny_monkey!

And speaking of returns of yesterday, I was googling in Japanese for Goujun pics because of that request on the saiyuki community. (Note 1- IME doesn't have Goujun's gou kanji, which I put here for handy ctrl-c'ing 敖潤. Had to pull the hanzi from mandarintools. Not impressed.) (Note 2- that lovely Goujun artist's website has gone from the intarnets. Always DL those stunning pics 'n'fics cause the net is as semper mutabile as we are.) However I did come across something interesting.

This site, basically. Which is a Kenren-uke website: specifically, Goujun x Kenren unless Tenpou is in the picture (literally) and then it's Tenpou x Goujun x Kenren. Blushing uke Kenren, hit on by all the males in his vicinity and helpless before them.

Ahh, how this takes me back to my happy WTF??! fannish days in Japan. And how it reinforces my gut feeling that the Japanese are unfallen and blessed, living in some fannish Eden. Because of course this isn't canon Kenren and of course you couldn't write this Kenren and get away with it. But you can draw him and still retain a sense of conviction. This is a mirror-world Kenren; this is just for fun!Kenren; most of all, this is Kenren's soul we're seeing, not the man himself. The uke-ness of Kenren is not to the pictured Goujun or Tenpou (or Konzen and Gokuu even) but to his own physical nature and sexuality, here conveniently expressed in the form of his various friends and acquaintance. To the extent that physical!Kenren is very much the man himself (and I see little in canon to deny that) these pictures are true.

Japanese fanworks do this all the time, and I burn with envy. I wish you could so easily express shifting levels of reality in fic, but of course it's infinitely harder. People will take words at their face value, and what can you do about it?

All this aside, the artist has contributed a few new 'why didn't *I* think of that?' wrinkles to Goujun lore. One is to do some scenes with- wait for it- dragon form Goujun. That's kind of blinkety-blink fun to think about. Though we're still in A/U soul-picture land and I'm not sure how you'd manage it in text. The other is to point out how nice and cool dragon-scaled Goujun would be on a hot day. True, she says, Heaven is always spring so it's not much to the point 'but I always think Kenren is someone who'd feel the heat.' Me, I can attest that spring in Japan is quite warm enough to be uncomfortable and a scaly dragon might be nice to have, reverse-Eustace on the beach fashion.

(She goes on: "But even so there's something vaguely unicornish about Goujun, in that 'only virgins can touch a unicorn' way. In a certain sense he's the best match for virgin!Kenren-- only Kenren's not a virgin." And now I'm thinking 'Noli me tangere for (fill in name of choice)'s I am/ And wild for to hold, though I seem tame.')
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