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Several decades back someone gave me a hardcover copy of Foucault's Pendulum as an unbirthday present. I have no idea why. Possibly a hint that I need to work on my image presentation. Last night after I finished Post Captain I had a sudden urge to read Foucault's Pendulum so I rousted it out and lay down in my comfy sofa. Ten pages in and I ceased to have any desire to read Foucault's Pendulum at all. Really, I feel quite oppressed by the thing.

So I read 100Ghosts in wide-han, the one about the hotel ski resort in Ibarakai and Things rolling down the mountain, and then went to bed with the mad winds outside sounding, truly, like thunder and iron wheels on pavement, and the thought of the neighbour's tree crashing down on my house. An uncomfortable night to start, but luckily reading Japanese always makes me sleepy and I slept.

I've been saying for weeks Ohh my house is so cold ohh my house is so cold ohh why doesn't the furnace work any more ohhh... Last night I reasoned with myself. Yes, I set my thermostat to 15C (59F) in the winter-- when I *leave* for the day, not when I'm inside. Let's try setting it to, oh, 20C (68F). Half an hour later--- Ohh my house is so hot ohh my house is so hot let's turn it back down to, well, 18 (65F). And woke warm and comfy but not overheated this morning as the snowflakes fell. Go me, go my furnace.

(True, I was wearing bedsocks and flannel pants and a hoody, with flannel sheets and duvet. Gone are the days when I wore a simple bedshirt, because those leave me either too hot or too cold and occasionally both simultaneously. Sic transit, but these days I need my ears kept warm. And the house is still comfy even out of bed. Go my house, say I.)
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