mjj (flemmings) wrote,

I should hire a cleaning service but instead I buy a new vacuum cleaner, one that supposedly works better than Dirt Devils.

There are good joint days and bad ones, and this is a bad one, but because it's also garbage day I vacuum the downstairs (with that unsatisfactory Dirt Devil, yes) and swifter the kitchen floor and do a load of laundry and then go and do Pilates, which guarantees I'll be crippled tomorrow.

DHL in its OC Teutonic fashion sends me multiple emails on top of multiple texts to say my package is in transit, that it will be delivered today, and that it has been delivered, but at least I now have the new 100 Demons.

I have my own Torontonian reasons for disliking Jo Walton nearly as much as I dislike Margaret Atwood, but Among Others was compulsively readable. Of course it left me with a book hangover and mal de mer, but then it would.
Tags: 100demons, reading_21, rl_21

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