mjj (flemmings) wrote,

My sister dropped by today to drop off some books. Haven't seen her in at least two years if not longer. She limps worse than I do and for much the same reasons- IT band gone to concrete, knees hurting, etc. It's sobering when your younger sister is more debilitated than yourself. Also discover she had another heart attack early in 2019 and now has a stent, which is something I wasn't aware of.

Am having another crack at booking a cleaning service. Go through the website, pick a service, pick a date, hope this time they get back to me. Also contacted that pilates studio up the street to arrange an assessment. This energy comes from a decision to postpone surgery until I can somehow arrange inpatient aftercare. I can contact all the places I want, they still all require a doctor's referral and the surgeon doesn't do that. Also tried using the two wheeled walker upstairs today and discovered, as I expected, that I can't use it on bad elbow days, which today was. If the pilates can help with the back and hip pain, I may not have to lean as much. And I probably should book with the physiotherapists around the corner who might be able to hlp the elbows as well.

Money, of course, but there's always mony when you own a house in this city.
Tags: health

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