mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Oh, she says, getting cold feet, this is such a bad idea. Too late now. But our business co-ord called me today to tell me all the news. Her mother had a knee replacement fifteen years ago that never worked properly and now doesn't work at all, so she's back to St Mike's to see what's what, and she has a female surgeon! Angh. I want a female surgeon too!

Bus co-ord had kittens at the notion the Toronto Western will send knee surgery patients home the next day, never mind the same day. But I fancy procedures have changed in 15 years. For one thing, they no longer do general anesthetics for that operation. Epidural, nerve block, and sedation (from which, I am told, you can be roused by a loud noise, so mild sedation). Has the side effect of keeping you pain free for a while, which is good and certainly better than morphine which does nothing but make time pass veeeery slooowly.

C was also pushing for me to go to St Mike's, but since her mother's surgeon was such a loss, I was never that keen, even though I was referred to a different surgeon who was at that time the doyen of the profession. My nursing friend gave me the side eye when I was scheduled for there, which rather sorts with my own impressions of the place. Anyway, que será será.
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