mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Cast not a clout

In reverse: don't put the fans away until the first frost. We're having that warm autumn we were promised and I swelter without my standing fans. Oh well. Another day or two and we're back to highs in the mid-teens, which is what the lows have been these last ten days.

Everyone is being very encouraging about the wonders of knee surgery, which is as well, because these days I can barely move for lower back pain. Most distressing. I have no assurance that a new knee will loosen anything up, but if it gets me back to where I was three or four years ago, I'll be content. Latest encouraging words come from Elmwood's mother down the street, who is currently single-parenting because husband has a four-year contract in Germany. She has help, fortunately, and will be moving somewhere closer to him in future, which probably means Brexit Britain whence she originates. But in the meantime, if I need anything from the super, do text her etc etc. She also recommends a pilates studio up the street which will design a program for you, one which helps with the umbilical hernias we both have. Definitely something I will look into when I'm mobile again.
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