mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Walk every day, they said, so I walked over to my local cafe. Hoped they might be doing indoor seating by now, but no. David the barista said Maybe naninaninani, but David's estuary accent and sotto voce voice are hard enough to make out when he's not wearing a mask, never mind when he is. No matter. It will be months before I'll be able to get back there again.

Because it's in the same direction as Fiesta, I checked it out. And of course, because it's the warm Sunday of a long weekend, no crowds and no lineup. Also, alas, no more pumpkin pies. Bought two strawberry rhubarb ones, my normal fave, but the crust is different and not as good.

There's a very fine line for me between maintaining and gaining, and one drink a week plus bread puts me over it. Evidently an hour's walking every other day doesn't count as sufficient exercise, not the way I walk. Oh well. I'm sure I'll lose weight post-op so I'm not going to worry.
Tags: health, place, rl_21

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