mjj (flemmings) wrote,

'The website tempted me and I did click'

amazon.jp is evil incarnate.

Order it now! clickety-click impulse buyer's paradise/ short road to ruin. My last VISA bill made sad reading, except not. All the items that are usually restaurants were now amazon.jp, so I'll call it a fair trade. Anyway, the September extra edition of Nemuki magazine is currently winging its way to me. (Nemuranai yoru no kimyo na hanashi- Strange tales for sleepless nights- which abbreviation would be Sleepstra in English.) The Ima Ichiko special with sensei's comments on her favourite stories. How could I resist? I only hope her comments are more to a gaijin's taste than Japanese comments usually are: at least better than Minekura's 'And for this one I used coptic #24 pencil and wash pastels.' Even though I know better than to expect analysis from a culture that doesn't do our kind of analysis, I'm hoping there'll be some input on how she conceives of her characters and what-all.

And if not, *I* can analyze on the basis of the stories she picked as her favourites.

Meanwhile dammit there exists a Nemuki magazine that publishes Ima Ichiko, Hatsu Akiko and Udo Shinohara. And me with two pricey pricey subscriptions already. I calculate that ordering single copies from amazon.jp comes to pretty much the same per issue as a subscription from Iwase, so I could *maybe* just order the ones with 100 Demons stories- which then obviates the joy of getting the tank and discussing with friends. Mmh. Shall think more on this.
Tags: 100demons, ima_ichiko

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