mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Evidently there's only so much a foam roller can do because in today's downpour everything hurt like blazes. Still went over to Fiesta because no one in their right mind shops on the day before a holiday Monday and I'd hoped the rain might discourage people. But no. Line up to get in, people shopping with two or three kids in tow, and as I was pushing my rollator to the end of the line some fleet-footed able-bodied male with his mask under his chin grabbed my place. I swore into my own mask and he, looking startled at the existence of someone other than himself, half-heartedly offered to let me go first. I waved him away, refraining from saying No thanks, I'd rather not breathe your air (aches and rain will almost override my Torontonian enryo but not quite) but indulged in a small pumpkin pie as compensation. It's a very good pie; I wish I'd got two, or one big one.

Supposed to be sunny tomorrow. May get out for turkey dinner, may stay in and cook my frozen turkey breast, may wait till Monday to cook since tomorrow's humidex is supposed to be 27, which is not oven weather. What I really want is alcohol, and I've ordered some sherry which won't come till Tuesday because the other thing I can't do is send some poor schmuck to the LCBO on a holiday Saturday or Sunday in the rain or the heat, TYP.
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