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Possibly a side effect of losing weight but recently I've been able to use my foam roller as, well, a foam roller and not just the thing I do leg straightening exercises over. It's still very precarious because it's a 6 inch (15 cm) roller and I can't support myself on my arms as you're supposed to because my elbows Do Not Do That. I figured a smaller roller might let me get more areas, like the quads and adductors, and I had a smaller roller once upon a time, only it wasn't in any of the places it should have been. Possibly I threw it away in an unwonted fit of tidiness.

So I ordered a travelling roller, 4 in/ 10 cm in diameter and a foot/ 30.5 cm in length, which arrived today. Gave it a try out. Yes, much more manageable but ouch much harder than the big one. Still, rolled my IT band, which of course you're not supposed to do, but ah the looseness. Then looked for a place to stash it handy. Right beside the bed belongs to the large roller so stuck it in the open bottom part of the bedside table, which ordinarily holds cassettes and ankle weights, neither of which I use but you know I *might* and if I put them away I'll forget I have them and won't be able to find them if I need them yadda yadda. Something falls out the back anyway as I wedge the roller in. It is of course my other small roller, the twin to this one. So now I have two. Which as as well, because the length is too short to do both quads at once and one at a time doesn't cut it. One at a time with a tennis ball or two is just fine, of course.

So either the stretching with the big roller has loosened my legs or today, in spite of humidity and rain, was a good knee day. In any case got to the laundromat with microfibre bathrobe and towels, and up to the Little Free Library/ Pantry with tinned meat and tuna. However much I like chicken or tuna salad and however healthy they may be wrapped in lettuce, tinned protein simply doesn't like me. And I also disposed of three toothbrushes and four small tubes of toothpaste because my dentist's assistant insists on giving me two tooth brushes and two packs of paste every time I go there-- which has been twice in the past two months. 'You need to change your toothbrush every day you're in hospital!' Err, I don't think so. Shall be surprised if I'm even able to the first day, what with IVs and all, and when I'm home I use an electric brush. But anyway, pass on the largesse to those who need it and call myself virtuous.
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