mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Lows are only in the midteens and highs in the low 20s so I don't know what this deire to have the heat on is all about. Maybe beause it's so clammy? Whatev, I'm still chilly.

If I refrained from biting on chocolate covered almonds I'd have saved me sveral hours and a good two hundred dollars. A quarter of that was cabs beause today the streets of TO were all parking lots. Work from home, you guys. The air was so much cleaner when you did.

Being awake at 6 this morning, I fell asleep at 7 this evening so my night will be late. This is why I want to find my ativan stash.

Elizabeth Peters has succumbed to the same syndrome as her namesake Ellis. Is there a charming modest well-mannered young man on the scene? That's your murderer. I thought she was going to subvert the trope in her latest, but no. Villain all the way. At least she's not quite as cookie cutter as Cadfael (disgusting older man, sweet young female marrried or engaged to same, bumptious rough diamond, charming young man, 1 is the victim, 2 +3 will end up together, 4 is the murderer) but enough of the time she is.
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