mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Adventures in the supply chain

So there's this antibacterial wash you're supposed to use for two days before surgery. Available at your pharmacy. Well, no, not at mine. 'You'll have to go to Starkman's,' she says. Call Starkman's. They don't carry it. 'Call Rexall.' Rexall isn't answering their phones. Try Shoppers Drug. Shoppers Drug webpage offers me various soaps but not the one I'm supposed to get. Go on Amazon. Large size, $47, ships from the US, border and customs fees and will arrive the week of the 18th except the smaller size which will arrive the 22nd. But someone in this chain of 'No we don't/ the webpage doesn't reflect what we have in stock' mentioned that it's correctly called something other than what the hospital handbook calls it, and *that*, hallelujah, is available from amazon.ca. Not from any of the pharmacies, you note.

I celebrate with chocolate covered almonds and promptly pop a crown. Dentist will glue it back tomorrow, so I must count my numerous blessings one by one. (John Gardner's Grendel quote. We go back fifty years on that one, when both Grendel and Gardner were considered All That by the callow English majors of my acquaintance. Wrongly, I now think.)
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