mjj (flemmings) wrote,

I believe some scientist thinks he has proved that damp weather has no effect on arthritis. I seem to recall that his study was flawed in some basic way, such as not including people with chronic arthritis. Whatever, today is rainy and humid and every bloody joint has been protesting for the last 24 hours. How I wish I could still take baths, because a hot bath is the one thing that eases joint pain. Beanbags help only so much.

Equally, some Ig Nobel study shows that all mammals pee for exactly 21 seconds and if you take longer or less than that there's something wrong with you. I suspect they didn't include middle-aged women in that study because no way does it take me 20 seconds, except very rarely first thing in the morning. Doubtless there's something wrong, like weak pelvic floor muscles, but right now I have other things to worry about.
Tags: health

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