mjj (flemmings) wrote,

And so we growt and bumply

Flannel and comfy duvets mean I sleep in to 11, not even waking and rolling over to sleep again. Hibernation mode comes early. Except yesterday when the phone rang, or I dreamed the phone rang, interrupting a dream of a successful slave uprising in either Haiti or the American south, and because my walker was to be delivered that day I had to get up. But yawned through the day and had great difficulty limping down to the library later on. However, because I had my vax certif in my bag, and because I hadn't done it in over eighteen months, I stopped at KFC on the way and had eat-in chicken and poutine.

Warm today, so laundry goes out on the line. An advantage of a new smooth deck, apart from the alas! fading wood smell, is not having to wear shoes out on it. This helps with the perennially seizing lower back: I can walk reasonably well in my stocking feet but add shoes, any shoes, to the equation, and oh the grumbles.

Latest sadness is that desktop computer/ ancient Chrome will no longer load Addiction Solitaire. Says my clock is fast and the certificates won't load. My clock is synchronized to the interwebs so it's just ancient software no longer cutting it. Can still play on my tablet but for obscure reasons, possibly having to do with shoulders, I prefer the desktop.
Tags: dreams, food, rl_21

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