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Made it up to the surgical supply place on the parking lot that calls itself Bathurst after sitting in the parking lot that calls itself Dupont. Cabbie and I exchanged condolences on the horrid things that happen when people build condos (Dupont) and the city replaces sewers (Bathurst)-- and, as I added, when restaurants take up lanes on each side of the street, as happens nowadays on any street south of College. 'It was bad enough before,' he said, 'but now I never want to go down to the entertainment district' which is anything south of Queen. We actually cut ten minutes off the drive when I, with my bicyclist's instincts, pointed out an alleyway off Bathurst that took us right up to Davenport. He congratulated me on my perspicaucity and we parted with much mutual goodwill.

There were a lot of people at Starkman's but I succeeded in getting my rigid frame walker, adjusted to my height and deliverable tomorrow. I also priced the ice cuffs for swelling but Starkman's, already known for highway robbery, charges $45 more than the hospital's crony supplier, and supplier will deliver it to the hospital, which is something of a plus.

Then I contemplated the parking lot which is Bathurst and screwed courage to sticking point and decided to walk home. Yesterday was an extremely owie day and I wasn't sure about today, but all was well. Also there's a diner on the way which I haven't been to in 15 years onaccounta it was the last place I went to before coming down with an epic norovirus that lasted for ten days, because I hadn't learned not to drink cold water or carbonated beverages while in the throes of a norovirus. Ate on patio, had a Long Island ice tea, made it home in one piece.

I went out to dinner with bro and s-i-l last night, yes down in the Entertainment District whete they live because our Annex local is now only open four days a week. Very pricey and not to my mind very good, though s-i-l was enchanted. We'd made outdoor reservations on the sort-of heated patio, which was as well because in my fuzzy state I forgot to transfer my vaccine certificate from my backpack to my purse, and my cranky phone wouldn't access my data plan so I could call up the requisite email. In fact my cranky phone, or possibly just unreliable Rogers, wouldn't give me a phone signal either, so the waiter had to call me a cab, and then call again fifteen minutes later because someone else stole my cab, and then my s-i-l had to run up to King St to grab it because the cabbie was waiting up there instead of coming down the side street where a) the entrance is and b) he'd been told to come. Stay away from the Entertainment District, yes,
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