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Being irrevocably awake at 6 a.m. certainly gives one ample time to do all the things I drag my feet on doing, starting with 45 minutes of exercise. Didn't do them *all* of course: meant to vacuum and swifter the kitchen floor but back protested, even though the exercises should have relieved some of it. Did finally clean the microwave and its stand and adjacent counters. Required Goofoff in places, but is still cleaner than in a long time. Was also going to do a wash and hang it on the line in the returned dry sun but luckily I didn't. The workman came to sand and stain the front steps but his sander broke when he was 3/4 of the way through, so he began dismantling and replacing the back steps where the clothesline is. Only I misunderstood what he had in mind-- he intended to replace the whole back deck, not just the steps, because the deck is rotting through. It's not a large deck, 12 feet square at most, but now his estimate of costs does make more sense.

Anyway, it's not quite done but steppable on, so laundry tomorrow. Of course there's disposing of the old wood, which he can't do, not having wheels, though he'll saw it up for me. 'I usually stick a few pieces at the bottom of the trash bag and the garbage guys either don't notice or don't complain.' They won't take renovation debris but in small quantities you can get away with it. Only I don't expect to be mobile enough to bring in chunks of lumber regularly through the winter. Come spring I'll get the trash men to remove it and probably a bunch of other stuff as well.

Went for a walk and had a chat with the guy two doors down who's been putting in a new front porch and large wooden planters in front. These are the people who had a miniature grow tent in their front yard back in 2012, that produced vegetables, before their linden got so big it blocked all the sun. Turns out his mother had knee replacements as well, and he passed on the common wisdom of Do your exercises regularly the first few months, work through the scar tissue to get flexion back, and everything will be fine. 'Everyone says the physio is brutal,' I remarked, 'but I can't imagine things hurting more than they do now, and I already do two hours a day.' 'Oh, you won't have to do that much,' he said, which gives me hope.

However, instead of doing my bicycle I sat on the sofa and read Amelia Peabody, so there's a certain falling off in virtue this evening.
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