mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Vexatious day

Had a grocery delivery set for between 2 and 3. Checking the email this morning I realize that the one thing I particularly wanted from this store wasn't included in the list. Either I never ordered it in the first place or somehow unchecked it when revising my order later. Oh well, too late now.

Go out and sit on my porch at 2 in the suddenly cold weather. It's not really cold, of course, but the days have all been humid and sunny low to mid 20s until now, so that a cloudy 18 feels chilly. An hour goes by with no sign of the truck. Go inside to get warm, cell phone rings, I pick it up and the screen goes blank. Reboot phone, see missed call number, call it, get general voicemail for that company. A minute later see I have a message, click on icon which takes me to phone interface, as soon as we get to 'please enter your password' the screen goes blank again. Reboot phone, click icon, get to phone interface, screen goes blank again. Reboot etc etc finally get message that delivery has been rescheduled to between 4 and 5. Phone battery getting low, which might account for its shenanigans, take it up to recharge, go back downstairs, at 3:30 phone rings, climb back upstairs, see I have a message, click icon, screen goes blank. After rebooting and calling number, get hold of a driver- not my driver- who's calling in the middle of traffic, trying to sort out what's happening. Use my landline, I say, and he starts to take it down when I see a white van pulling up in front of the house. Company's computer has been acting up as badly as my phone, but at least I have my groceries.

My intention was, after the 3 pm delivery, to go to a restaurant on Bathurst between their brunch crush and dinner rush and have a cocktail and a sandwich. I'd been headed there yesterday when black clouds blew in and I had to scuttle back home, ten minutes ahead of the rain. But disgruntled and achey, I have no desire to walk the six blocks there today, so order in instead, a hamburger and cheese fries. Food arrives within the half hour. Food is also lukewarm, meaning it hasn't just been cooked, it's been sitting on a warming tray for who knows how long. Dump it half eaten, which at least spares me the calories.

Waste of a day, basically.
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