mjj (flemmings) wrote,

When I start going spla for no good reason I ignore it. Hormones, megrims, me being me. Bad dreams two days in a row, one about a friend's child and mother both vanishing suddenly and mysteriously, the other about me losing a rental car a year ago and only getting round to realizing it now and trying to calculate what it costs to rent a car for a year plus replace it (and no, I don't drive.) Enh- hormones, megrims, whatever.

When the adults around me all start going spla I shrug. Low pressure systems, personality clashes at work, stress. 'Everyone who's come up here today has been carrying a Second Cup coffee and has gone straight for the painkillers in the first aid kit' said our business co-ordinator. Enh- weather, stress, whatever.

When the babies all start going spla and it isn't a full moon, *then* I start to worry. And they did and it isn't. I hope they aren't sensing something I'm not.
Tags: dreams, rl_06

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