mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Lord, it is time

Cool enough that the cotton yukata no longer cuts it, not really cold enough for the heavy terrycloth one, so shou ga nai use the warm but ecologically unsound microfibre one. Except the microfibre one is nowhere to be found. Not in either closet and certainly not downstairs and surely I wouldn't have put it away in a box or moth bag? Last ditch, check the back of the side bedroom door, which is never closed. And there is my bathrobe, and underneath it is that vanished blue jersey sleep shirt. Good. The house begins to give up its secrets. Now if it would just release my missing ativan I should be very content.

Had to take a half of same to counteract an evening Pepsi, which didn't stop me from going to bed at 3:30 and sleeping till 11. Did get me that cheerful worry-free mindset that assured me my knee operation would restore me to full functionality and the ability to travel again, which my daylight self knows to be unlikely (see: right knee, low back pain, elbow arthritis.) But nice while it lasted.
Tags: rl_21

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