mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Why doesn't DW autosave entries when it says it does? Second time this week. Open a new tab, go back to the old, entry has vanished.

Looks like all Toronto is in a foul mood today. If it's not antivaxxers protesting the vaccine passport needed for indoor dining, a move half of them call fascist and the other half call communist, it's entitled drivers barelling along one way streets in the wrong direction. Five of them passed me in the space of a single block this afternoon, presumably because they couldn't see the Do Not Enter sign through their blackened glass. All Russian mafia types, I'm sure, coming from the Orthodox church two blocks away.

(In fact car no.5 stopped as it was entering the street and backed up, which I hope was due to my exasperated eye-rolling when the driver's eye caught mine. Exasperation clearly visible in spite of mask. I have speaking eyes.)
Tags: lj, rl_21

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