mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Not a Won't day today but a bloody absolutely Can't. Knee would not bend and bones would not stop rubbing against each other, making for excruciating spasms. The weather system that was moving in all day and which is here now, dumping rain until Monday, is a beast. If that's what's doing it: because for the last week various joints keep going ballistic in the night, waking me multiple times, but never the same ones.

Workman texts me early this morning, in one of my periods of wakefulness, sighing that the weather is not cooperating with his plans to sand and stain the front steps and rebuild the back ones. No indeed. Which is a mild nuisance because the day he does it I won't be able to leave the house. But at least I got me up to Blawblaws today to stock up on muscle relaxants and antihistamines, so I'm fortified for the next week or so in that important department at least.
Tags: health, rl_21

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