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Fifteen years ago I was preparing to go to New York for M's wedding, with the same annoyance and expense that I now prepare for surgery. As per instruction, have bought Old People Shoes that velcro instead of lacing up because I have no *closed toe* shoes that velcro. And because I had perfoce to buy online I got two pairs, a men's 10 and a women's 11. I take a 9.5 men's in my short foot and men's sizes are 1.5 less than women's, so an 11 should fit perfectly. They don't, naturally: too long and too wide. The 10 fit just fine. But of course the handouts tell you to expect your feet to swell, so I may need the 11s after all. Anyway, two pairs of OPS are less than one pair of German shoes for the bunioned, so I won't complain.

Then must get to the surgical outlet place to buy a rigid framed two wheeled walker because they don't rent them anymore. And maybe an ice making thingy to reduce swelling, not that ice has ever helped me in the past. You can rent those, but at $250 a week, minimum two weeks. Buying is $235, a bargain by comparison. To be fair, the handout says a bag of frozen peas will work as well, but that's for people who go home to their families. Hospital and rehab don't provide frozen peas.

Am seriously wondering how debilitated this operation leaves you. In one breath they say you'll be able to walk and go up and down stairs before you leave hospital, in the next they're giving you instructions for dealing with bed sores caused by not being able to move in bed or by sitting too long. If I don't get bedsores from lying around for hours at a time now, why would I suddenly get them post-op? Is this them doing worst case scenarios for the frail elderly?
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