mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Don't blink

Because if you do, you'll miss August. No idea where this month went to. Things that happened last week were three weeks ago and change.

Two nights of violent thunderstorms and the heat and mug of other the last eternity blow away. It's not cool but it *is* dry and blowy, and my knee is happier than it has been in, well, an eternity. Also of course heat and mug might be why so little of August registered.

People are by and large not wearing masks outside but when I'm creeping along the sidewalk, as it might be to the far coffeehouse, a good 90% of them will step into the street to social distance me. I believe the science says masking is more important, but outside in a vaccinated city, presumably anything goes. Not that we don't have anti-vaxxers screaming about the government destroying our freedoms and heading us straight to a mind-controlled fascist state but loonies we have ever with us.

The Ontario strawberries are having an excellent season. Usually you can count on a bare two weeks, but I've been eating them since the time that the memory of man runneth not to the contrary. Also discovered light whipping cream- from an environmentally unsound aerosol- but only 25 calories per 45 ml, paired with a 50 calorie meringue, gives a light and satisfying dessert.

This tablet OTOH, the new one, doesn't have spellchecker, it has autocorrect-- a feature I was specifically told Android tablets don't have. And it autocorrects to precisely the wrong word always always always, causing me to use violent language in response. I've been so much more even-tempered since quitting work, I don't relish going back to the me of eighteen months ago.

A while back my phone had pixilated blotches on the screen. Then suddenly it didn't. But now it randomly turns itself off, kind of ie screen goes blank even though phone still functions, as I discovered while talking to my dentist today. But to get it back I have to reboot it, which argues a dying phone. This is not something I want to happen when I'm going to be in hospital. I doubt they even have standard phones there any more.
Tags: food, rl_21, techy

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