mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Exercise natter

My resigned if gloomy expectations of how much exercise the hospital wants me to do was accurate as far as it goes ie they want Too Much, but half of it is stuff I do already like thigh crunches. It's still more reps than I usually do-- always three sets of 10, and they want it ideally four times a day which is not going to happen overnight. There are some variations, like the leg lifts requiring me to turn my ankle out first, which actually may strengthen one of those pesky muscles at the side of the knee that likes to scream at me. Though how one can both turn ankle out and keep knee straight at the same time is a mystery because evidently I am bowlegged, or so the intake report says.

Some things are easier: they let you put a rolled up towel under the knee for the thigh crunches which is a lot easier than having it flat. Some are a trade off: have to hold the knee bends 15 or 20 seconds instead of 5, but only need to do it 5-10 times instead of minimum 15. Some are new and a pain, like standing and lifting each leg in turn, because I can no longer stand straight without support and even then it's iffy. But the sit to stand exercise includes the useful instruction to clench the glutes when getting up, which makes it much easier.

Severe thunderstorm roared through this evening which made it a good time to try my new ear plugs. They work very well except for the amazing amount of wax in my right ear, which the plug seems to have sucked out. Plugs come two sizes, and while the larger are more comfortable, the smaller block noise better. Granted, ears in the allergy season aren't happy about having anything inserted in them, still. Hopefully the allergy season will be over by the time I go in.
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