mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Ima Ichiko has become unstuck in time

100 Ghosts vol 14. Straightforward enough- only two readings needed for most stories, three for one other. And then there's the last story. I think before she started that one she wrote the proposed action of each scene on a piece of paper. Then she tore the pieces in half, threw them up in the air, and drew them in the sequence they fell down.

That, or she's been watching too many arty films lately. Ohh my head, my poor poor head.

I think I'm going to order the wide-han version of the volumes I have in bunko. I can't make sense of bunko action and I really want to know is the reason Red Interval haunts Kagyuu the reason he indicates here or is Ima rewriting history again.

I'm also struck again, as with Susanna Clarke, at the unpleasantness of day to day youkai/ fairy life. It's a society of sociopaths. No one exists but Me and all I do is kill/ eat Them. 'The fairies are always hungry,' TH White said, and dammit I think the man was right. Animals that live to prey on others or are preyed upon by other species don't prey on themselves, which is one reason why they can have offspring and an animal society. But fairies and youkai can't even trust each other. How can they have any kind of social order at all?
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