mjj (flemmings) wrote,

As after sunset fadeth in the west

Dark at 9 now. This always happens so fast. All through July one can still see after 9 and then suddenly *wham* the days are noticeably shorter. Only the faint yellow afterglow over the buildings to show where the sun was.

At Loblaws yesterday I stopped by the wine store (all Canadian vintages so not that much drinkable) to inquire about port and sherry. 'Do you have fortified wine?' I ask the young woman- that being what the LCBO has to call them instead of, yanno, port and sherry, for trademark reasons- and she pulls out two bottles. 'We have these.' Not knowing how to phrase the question, I say 'Are they red or yellow?' She allows as she doesn't know anything about the fortifieds, so I buy the one that isn't cream, assuming it will have fewer calories than the other. Turns out I got the red port-like one, which is exactly what I want, costs less than ten dollars, and doesn't require paying double the price for home delivery.
Tags: food, rl_21

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