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There was a kids' magazine in the 60s called Jack and Jill. May still be around, for all I know. What I remember of it is the stories about Baba Yaga and her chicken-footed house and her cat. Wrinkle was that Baba Yaga was, though curmudgeonly, definitely a Good Guy, in my cloudy memory an ur-incarnation of Granny Weatherwax. Apparently the stories were collected and published, but good luck finding a copy.

July being July, reading is all genre all the time.

Huchu, The Library of the Dead
-- would have liked a bit more library, but the down-to-earth ghost-talking protagonist and the Zimbabwean magic was a blast. I don't know Edinburgh at all (no, not even with yoinks many Rebuses under my belt), but I'm sure this would be great for sensaplace if one did.

Brennan, Tropic of Serpents
-- the not!dragons really don't interest me that much, and neither do the 19th century social mores. I read this for the A/U Judaic religious references. Granted, for goyisch me, it's a matter of spotting the references in the first plae and then figuring what they relate to in this-world, but still fun.

Aiken, Nightbirds on Nantucket
Dangerous Games
-- Aiken reads fast. Am pleased that I can still get through a book in an afternoon. Also fond of Dido Twite.
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