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It turned dry and cool overnight after yesterday's muggy deluge and I figured I wouldn't get a better chance to go to the end of the street for my blood tests, the ones that should have been done in March (no- too much snow) and June (no- too much rain.) So off I trundled, breakfastless, and got that done, cheering myself with the thought of a Baskin Robbins ice cream afterwards. Only afterwards was still too early for them to be open: pandemic has evidently thinned the number of people who show up at the lab midmorning, because usually at 10:30 there's eight or nine guys waiting, sometimes in the hallway. OK then, I'll go round the corner to Tim Horton's for a doughnut and coffee. It wasn't conscious virtue that made me substitute a breakfast muffin instead: more that a muffin and egg and cheese seemed more satisfying. And as I sat outside in the cool breeze, was accosted by my s-i-l's daughter, also coming from blood work, though why here when she lives way out the Danforth I don't know. Haven't seen her since Charistmas of 2019, which I can now scarcely recall.

Then. since it continued cool and pleasant, tackled that other oft-postponed chore, cutting back the lianas that want to take over the garden. Particularly the ones coiling about the AC unit, and also cut back what I could of the mulberry which has been loving this wet warm summer to the tune of two feet in two weeks. And oh dear god did everything seize up in my back and leg and everywhere. Dragged bag of cuttings down to the street, leaning on my hiking staff all the way as knee went click click click bone on bone. Then bundled up garbage for tomorrow and put that out and oh dear god did my back spasm as I was doing so. Gloom doom despair all round. Went and bicycled for a scant half hour, sweating mightily at the new resistance, got up and-- my knee was happy and my back was happy and I put the organic garbage out no problem at all. If bicycling will keep my knee happy then I shall bicycle three times a day.

I think I finished a Dick Francis last week, skimming a chunk because I remembered too late that this is the one where a nice character gets killed. Am still reading Library of the Dead which is proving oddly slow, possibly because the author isn't saying stuff I know already, which is what lets me read fast.
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