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The dread Torontonian three h's are upon us: hot, hazy, and humid. Must still say it's not that hot- 28 may be muggy and unpleasant but doesn't constitute a heatwave. (Bro and s-i-l at the lake were wearing sweaters on the weekend to counteract the 17C and rain.) But there are forest fires up north so the hazy part is really bad haze.

I swapped the summer duvet for the down one a few weeks ago but kept finding myself cold. It's supposed to be a queen, while the feather one is a double, but somehow it kept creeping up or creeping over and exposing my poor feets to the fan or AC or both, and never covering my shoulders properly even though I wear long sleeves to bed. So last night I put the winter one back on and slept like a baby in the AC's 20C. I can't sleep in a natural 20-- way too hot-- but artificial cold works wonders. Also there were none of the leg cramps that plague me when, I'm convinced, my feet get cold. Had to wear socks with the summer duvet because of its wandering tendencies, and my socks always come off as I thrash about, and then-- leg cramps.

Email today from my wonder-working acupuncturist of long ago, back from six years travelling atchi kotchi. She needs to put in x many hours to requalify in Canada and is doing it for laughable fees. But. Her office is in Chinatown and I'd have to cab it and getting a car to anywhere on Spadina south of (the about to be renamed) Dundas Street is almost impossible. So can't see it happening.

Dundas delayed the abolition of the slave trade in England. The original 'with all deliberate speed' guy, and we're certainly not going to free people aleady enslaved because what good will that do them? Not a nice man. It will cost between 5 and 6 million to effect the change, and people have rightly pointed out that the money might better be used to help, say, First Nations towns that don't have clean water. But government is government and TO is only allowed to be responsible for itself.
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