mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Happy Camping

ETA: Not so happy camping. Why does bloody lj stick certain posts from abroad in among the FL entries I've already read? radiofreebanri and jttr show up a day later than they should have. It's pure accident that I saw the latest gaiden ep at banri. Sheesh. (Goes to change FL page to show=50)

The new Bleach illustration album on amazon.jp is advertised as BLECHイラスト集. It really *is* called All Colour But The Black, yes with that u in it. I am consoled for all the times I've confused my radicals (性 牲, 精 請) when reading too fast, as likewise my inability to tell is it wa or is it ga.

Otherwise I want to read an mjj story and am still tripping over the fact that if I want to read it I have to write it first. Surely there's a mistake there somewhere?

Otherwise the vagaries of broadband keep me running winipcfg, to which my mind always remarks 'twoipbyc.'
Tags: bleach, humour, japanese, lj, saiyuki, techy, writing-moan
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