mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Today was a classic Bad Knee Day and after doing a supermarket shop for, among other pressing things, tonic water to cushion the prophylactic gin, I should just have stayed in with the AC. But I really really wanted an ice cream cone, and remembering how my last two long walks resulted in limberness either then or the next day, off I went down the street. No limberness to be found today, just bone crunching on bone for four and a half long blocks. And when I got to Basking Robin there was a line-up, because TO has gone to a new level that allows patios but restricts the number of people inside any building. So I turned back and went to the Poop Cafe, which is some weird Korean sense of humour thing. They serve ice cream and coffee and poke bowls, so fine, I order a Hong Kong waffle cone with Moose Tracks ice cream and then sit out on the sidewalk, as per instruction, because they say it will take five to ten minutes. And it takes that long because they actually make the waffle themselves, outdoors in a little waffle iron. Which is a step up from B-R's cones, even if it's twice the price. Then back, bone crunching for the return trip up the street.

Still, I saw more people today than I have in months, since all of Toronto was outdoors enjoying the mellow warmth and sun.
Tags: place, rl_21

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