mjj (flemmings) wrote,

A book came in unexpectedly at the library and since I no longer trust me on the bike *or* off it, I decided to walk over and see what happens. What happens is that in spite of muggy weather, walking with the rolator is much less painful than it was the last time I managed more than four blocks, some time back in the spring. (February, actually, and it really wasn't more than a half hour.) True, by the time I got a block from home on the return trip I was counting the feet remaining, but since I'd also dropped by the bookstore and the souvlaki shop I'd been on my feet for at least an hour and probably more. The lower back, that screams if I walk without support, was totally silent. Hard to tell if it's got better or not when it gives such mixed messages.

Prof Islamic Studies put up an awning in his backyard to cover him in this wettest of summers as he carpenters about, and so that the family can eat dinner outdoors with the in-laws, since the covered back porch is half taken up by the barbecue and won't seat six or seven people anyway. NNDs observing this have put up their own awning, rather larger because they don't have a covered back porch and do have permanent lawn furniture whose cushions must regularly be put in the sun to dry. He-NND is a smoker and does it outside, which is good for the carpeting in his place and bad for me and my delicate nose, but shou ga nai. So anyway, now he can work and smoke even in the rain, so long as the rain is intermittent and not the monsoon flash-floods of this past week. But what puzzles me is that they've left little M's little bicycle out under the cherry tree, which I'm certain will not shield it adequately from the downpours. Maybe M has outgrown it?
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