mjj (flemmings) wrote,

It's possible my doctor tried to call me this morning about that referral to the orthopedic surgeon but I'd disconnected the bedroom phone some time ago and by tne time I'd flailed my way to the study Whoever had hung up. Reassuring that I can indeed hear a phone down the hallway over the fan and window AC. Odd that she didn't leave a message. But also, 9:30 is prime spam phone call time and I may have dodged a bogus Visa report or duct cleaning service. Will she call tomorrow? Or, like her predecessor, does she take Fridays off? Ambivalent as I am about this surgery, I'm not waiting with bated breath (oh, that's another one of Will's coinages, is it?) for the referral, but of course I'm anxious about being woken up again at Too Early a.m. Why nine hours after I go to bed counts as too early is another question, whose answer probably comes down to 'my dreams are far more pleasant than my current waking reality, and if I wake up I'll forget what they are.' Well, and some of it may be the constant waking up in the night from panging joints, since it continues humid when not downright wet.
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