mjj (flemmings) wrote,

I hate when my technology starts playing silly buggers. Was at the desktop this morning, everything fine, paused to glance at my phone, and suddenly no webpage would load. Did all the usual with the broadband, sort of got it to come back, but it's still slow and takes forever to resolve host and so on. Of course I have th3e tablet, which I used for the better part of a year back in '18, but.

Found the rubber tips for the stylus; found also that rubber tips are too small for my styluses. Ordered more from amazon because Staples likes to advertise products that turn out to be unavailable when you click on them. May still have to shell out the better part of $20 for a single stylus because the amazon ones are too short for comfort and the downstairs tablet doesn't like them. Mind, the downstairs tablet doesn't like anything. I can see why it was as cheap as it was, and not just because Samsung discontinued that line.

I swear I have a hidden cache of Dick Francises somewhere because this is the second time a book I know I have hasn't been on the shelf. At least I discovered my hidden stash of Pratchetts while looking for Straight.
Tags: rl_21, techy

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