mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Something about July 8 in TO makes the weather gods want to observe the anniversary of the Great Downpour of 2013 ie it rained all day yesterday and I barely stirred from the couch because cool damp weather ow ow ow. Today the rain at least held off and I got to the store, where alas I treated myself to half dozen little almond cookies, none of which made it through to the evening. But ohh I have so missed sugar and it was worth it.

Still limping about today but I at last unearthed the WD-40 and the exacto knife that had hidden from me all last week. Hope springing eternal, maybe I'll be able to loosen up the bicycle seat and also flatten the many cardboard boxes for next week's recycle. Now to find those rubber tips for the stylus that were in a specific drawer in the kitchen. The package is still there but the tips are nowhere to be seen.

It becomes clear to me that I need to throw economy and shame to the winds and get a cleaning service in to at least scrub the kitchen an bath. The longer I delay, the worse it will get, so yeah.

Thought I could game the annoying google algorithms that mean if I look once at a mattress ad then all I'll see theteafter are mattress ads, and if I buy lenses online, as I do, all I see thereafter are adverts for the lenses that I bought. So I looked at a bunch of woodblock print pages, drooling the while and thinking 'I could manage $500 if I wanted to', and the algorithm once-- once-- took me to a ukiyoe store. Once and never again. Stupid algorithm.
Tags: art, food, rl_21

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