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The local playwright (playwrite? Whatever) buttonholes me in yesterday's heat to tell me I must, absolutely must, get an appointment with this orthopedic surgeon at Toronto Western, the one who did such a superb job on her hip replacement in May. Mrs Islamic Studies and I were wondering how she'd pulled that one when everywhere was in lockdown, and speculated that it must have been ķoné through the university she works at. But no, he just seems at leisure. Call him, appointment immediately, surgery three weeks later. I Google, and find a couple of very negative reviews- doesn't listen, knows it all, yer basic surgeon's attitude. But those are from five or six years back. More recent ones are all five stars.

Ordinarily I wouldn't even consider Toronto Western, which has an unenviable rep as a hospital. But I'm indeed getting to the point that I can't walk unsupported, even though I know my legs are stronger than they were last year. 'But I'm fine indoors.' Yes well, indoors there's always something to touch, which gives that minimal whatever that lets me keep my balance. But I went out to clip the hedge today and OMG the minute I got into shoes-- Not my knee, my back, which always seizes up in any kind of shoe. I hope that it's because my knee is so stiff and that a replacement will clear up the (longstanding) back problems as well, since stretching and strengthening have accomplished zilch in three years.

Whatever. This has to be dealt with eventually, but it's always a bad time to do it. As in, this month the roof is being replaced and I don't want to be away for that in case the usual troubles emerge when they do it.
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