mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Off the cl-- uhh hook

Nov 1 I emailed Kinokuniya about ordering the autumn Ward. Heard nothing. Saturday I emailed them again. No we never got your email but we've ordered it for you now. Great sigh of relief. I shall have the autumn Ward-- somewhere around Christmas.

Nov 15- which is to say last Wednesday, yes?- I ordered 100 Demons 14 from amazon.jp and a used copy of Five Box Stories from some secondhand dealer in the country. Nov 16 received the usual notification of we sent it out/ expect 3-4 weeks for delivery. Which I do: amazon.jp can't keep tossing things into the wrong box forever. What's waiting on my door this evening? 'We attempted to make a delivery' from amazon's shipping company.

Five Boxes really will take 3-4 weeks because other people use mail, not the space warp amazon.jp does. Nothing- *nothing*- takes five days from Tokyo. Nothing.
Tags: 100demons, rl_06

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