mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Toronto is striving to out-April April with rain for the past two? three? days and consequent April levels of Ow. Sweet vermouth finally arrived but didn't iron the aches out. Also got email from the province reminding me of my shot appointment tomorrow, the one I cancelled by phone on the 17th. Of course I can cancel again by going to this website and entering my registration number, which was in the confirmation email that I deleted ten days ago, foolishly trusting in the efficiency of bureaucrats.

Early morning dream of having my 'house' renovated and insisting to the guy installing my stove that I absolutely had to have a broiler for my grilled cheese sandwiches and also why were there locks on tne oven- four of them, requiring keys I believe- and why was the toilet in the living room, could something be done about that? And then I acquired another! house, possibly in a lottery, a bijou residence once owned by yuppies whose very yuppie messages to each other were still in place on the kitchen blackboard. And it had a composting toilet, once again in the living room, but fortunately there was another tiny bathroom upstairs even though it was only a few feet wide, rathr like the house itself. Was considering renting the place out and consulting my securities advisor when I woke up.

Rest of the day was a continuation of thei grey weather in my dream, but I finally went and sat on the porch in the not-cold that smelled of woodsmoke somehow, and observed birds hopping in and out of the linden. Linden was pruned a mere two years ago but has now spread to cover half of next door's yard. Could lop a lot of it off if I had an extendicutter which I no longer do, and hiring a company to do it involves a lot of red tape because front yard trees are city trees, as I well recall.
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