mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Rather unsatisfactory day. Weather has warmed and mugged, and the linden tree is doing its usual stinky thing. I can just take it when it's cold, but up the humidity and I choke on the smell. Ergo window AC for the foreseeable future. Then as I was looking out the study window, behold, three raccoons ascended the cherry tree. Am not fond of raccoons ever, but now there's a 5 year old boy who plays in the back yard I'm even less so. M is not a toddler like the one who caused a three alarm medical emergency by eating raccoon poop recently, but I suspect the raccoon poop is there hiding in the weeds I'm not sufficiently able-bodied to eradicate from the end of tne yard. Fortunately his father keeps the grass on their side well-mowed and usually sits out when M is outside playing. But still.

Spent most of the day waiting for my alcohol order, only to discover that they brought me dry vermouth instead of sweet. So tomorrow I wait again, with no guaranteed window this time. Ah well. Shouldn't be drinking anyway.
Tags: rl_21

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