mjj (flemmings) wrote,

The Day After

I'm going to say today's aches and pains are due to my covid shot because otherwise I would despair. I'd gladly have spent the whole day on the sofa but instead went out in the back yard for far too long to cut down weeds and snip the vines that have overgrown the path from the garage. Garden waste goes out tonight and I already have a binfull from the front hedge. Equally, month's end approaches and my garage tenant will be coming up the path. Best not to trip him as he does so.

But I'm counting that as my exercise for the day and leaving my bike strictly alone. And since Robaxacet does nothing for the screaming lower back, I might even indulge in a precious half ativan to ensure at least less painful rest. (Slept badly last night: had the window fan on to bring in the precious coolness, put my terrycloth sheet under me because the cotton wasn't warm enough, heated three not two beanbags, and froze. Again, possibly shot fallout, possibly not.)

What I wanted was to order in some alcohol but the intermittent mild mhh not quite dizziness not quite malaise suggested this would be a bad idea. Alcohol delivery comes tomorrow when with luck I won't need it.
Tags: health

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