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Someone on the FFL was reading Dick Francis' To the Hilt of which I had only vague memories and, by the look of it, no copy of my own, even though I could see its cover clearly sitting in the pile on the shelf. Got a library copy and polished it off in a day or so. In fact I'd forgotten virtually everything of the plot except for the gay-I-assumed private detective kicking in the Badnasty's balls. The UST I'd detected on my first read wasn't as obvious this time. But then again, someone else on the FFL was talking about how the disability of disabled characters in Victorian lit is always a plot point, and cited Lucy Yolland in The Moonstone, whose limp had made her hate men. Whereas I had always read Lucy as gay and in love with Rosanna, and her animus towards Franklin is precisely because Rosanna is in love with him.

Being all down about the apparently increasing weakness in my leg, decided that what leg needs is more exercise, so took my rollator out for a walk this afternoon. Only four blocks but found that if I concentrate on walking heel-toe (which is not how I usually walk) I can indeed move quite well. And anyway, I'll have to practise walking like that after surgery so might as well get into the way of it now. Bonus was that I got to visit the Wee Free Library across the street-- and no, I haven't been able to cross the street in months-- and copped a copy of Herodotus which might be a fun reread. I'm sure I have a copy down in the basement but it probably smells of the mildew of ages.

Also took the copy of I Brought the Ages Home, memoir of the guy who established our own Royal Onatrio Museum. Memory says Currelly was something of a pirate-- he was certainly in cahoots with that other pirate, Bishop White-- though you can't prove it by anything in the ROM's literature. The attitude apparently being 'hey there's a revolution happening and the government in chaos, grab those artworks while you can.'
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