mjj (flemmings) wrote,

The result of refusing to get up at 8-whatever a.m. and going back to sleep for another three hours was to get me a dream of being in not!Japan, which actually resembled some European cityof my childhood, and attending a host bar, or maybe host/ hostess one, with lovely friendly waiters who, when I turned out the contrnts of my wallet in an increasingly ancious attempt to find money to pay my bill, said 'I wish I could pay your bill myself.' Did find the money eventually, even as a thunderstorm began crashing outside so I couldn't leave and get back to my hotel.

Otherwise a nothing day. Muggy and threatening for most of it, so I did my exercises and my kanji and tried to move a bit more than usual. I'm slipping into crippled/ quarantine melancholy and wondering if I'll ever get to see my friends and family again. Ah well. Ups and downs are to be expected with this thing. I was much more cheerful about it a year ago, but then I'm convinced I was more mobile a year ago.
Tags: dreams, japan, rl_21

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