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One of my FB friends, about whom I know nothing at all except that they're friends with half a dozen people I do know, posts only recipes and handy household hint videos of dubious usefulness. (No, you can't get all the strings off celery just by bending the end and peeling: I've tried it.) But one such video said the way to store onions forever, in the absence of a cool dark place, is to put them in cut off pantihose- or stockings, should you have so old-fashioned an item about you- tying a knot between each one. Took me a day or two to locate the pantihose I unearthed in the futon platform drawers, but I now have Christmas ball onions and shall see how they survive.

The cherries are going red on my tree and the birds are rapturously pecking at them, but nonetheless I played clothesline roulette today and hung a wash out to dry, betting against either cherry stains (still a little early) or bird poop, which is very much in evidence. Won the round but only because the afternoon was warm and windy and everything dried in 90 minutes.

Someone on the FFL says they became diabetic through eating massive quantities of fruit, which, well. But for all I know I may still be prediabetic so should probably avoid mangoes, however much I love them, and grapes, which don't love me, and sweet cherries which is too bad because they're coming into season. But the othr thing in season is Ontario strawberries and I bought a pint of those today. I'm pleased to see that berries are considered good for diabetics, except that strawberries aren't berries. Of course, neither are raspberries or blackberries; but I think we're geting into botanical vs dietary terms here, so I shall enjoy my strawbs while they last.

And I at length applied the last of my nonchlorine bleach to the shower mat, and this time it actually worked to get rid of the soap scum and mold. So yay me.
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